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    Private School in Singapore

    內容來源:大手控制 發布時間:2013-06-05 15:56:46瀏覽次數:5072
    Dashou Barrier Gate at a Private School in Singapore

    Dashou Barrier Gate in a Private School in Singapore

    Thanks to advanced features of 100% duty cycle, heavy duty and long lifetime, DASHOU was choosen by a private school in Singapore to be the supplier of Barrier Gate. Two units of barrier gate with 4 meter boom arm has been successfully installed and have been working fine since their installation. The owner and the installer was impressed and satisfied with DASHOU barrier gate, agreed to install more barrier gates for its other premises in the future.

    DASHOU`S Barrier Gate is powered by torque motor, was especially designed for highway toll gate, car park of shopping mall, airport, hotel, exhibition, hospital and residential community.

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